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  • Serves: 5


    • 5 panini rolls

    • 50g Président Unsalted Butter Block

    • 5 tbsp american mustard

    • 10 slices ham, thinly sliced

    • 200g Président Emmental Slices

    • 50g red jalapenos, roughly chopped

    • 150g dill pickles, thinly sliced

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  • Method

    • 1 Cut the panini rolls in half, and spread with butter and mustard.

    • 2 Top with the remaining ingredients, and cook in a hot panini grill until golden and the Emmental is melted.

    • 3 Cut in half and serve immediately.

  • Ham-Emmenthal-Panini-1980x1980_1980x1980_acf_cropped
  • Recipe Inspiration

    Cuban Panini with a Kick

    Red jalapeños are slightly spicier than green jalapeños, as they have been left to ripen for longer and consequently contain more capsaicin (the ingredient that provides the heat!).

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  • Pan-Bagnat-1980x1980_1980x1980_acf_cropped
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    Pan Bagnat

    Originating from the Provence region of France, Pan Bagnat means ‘bathed bread’. The bread will absorb some of the liquid released by the tomatoes and mozzarella, so can (and should!) be assembled ahead of time.

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  • Steak-Dolcelatte-1980x1980_1980x1980_acf_cropped
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    Steak and Dolcelatte Ciabatta

    This sandwich can provide great margin opportunities. Offer it with fries on your menu for a complete dish that a diner will pay more for.

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  • Pulled-Chicken-Brie-1980x1980_1980x1980_acf_cropped
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    Pulled Chicken and Brie with Celeriac and Mayo

    The celeriac comeback
    It may not be pretty, but consumer demand for this root vegetable (best known for it’s use in the French dish, celeriac remoulade) is growing, with supermarket sales in 2016 up by almost a third from 2015.

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