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  • With its thriving food and drink scene, and popularity as a tourist destination, operators in the South West & Scotland need to ensure they are offering local solutions to meet customer demands. We are proud to support chefs and restaurateurs with a range of British cheese products, from our factories in Scotland and Somerset.

  • Supporting Chefs with our British offering

  • Cricket St Thomas: our soft British cheese brand manufactured at the Lubborn Creamery, in Somerset. We have been making soft vegetarian cheeses for over 30 years and master the art of making soft mould ripening cheeses. With milk collected from dedicated farms in the UK, we guarantee the highest quality and freshness to chefs and catering operators. Our range includes Brie, Camembert and Goat cheese, ideal for restaurateurs looking for local solutions.

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  • Orkney Cheddar: handcrafted by artisans in the Orkney isles, our cheddar is made with locally sourced milk following a traditional recipe and process. With a range available in small and deli pack formats, our multi-awarded range helps Foodservice operators bring tradition and heritage to the menus. Our cheddar is characterized by a creamy taste with nutty notes and slight acidity. Highly versatile, its firm and smooth texture make it perfect to slice, melt and grate!

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  • Seriously Cheddar: Seriously Cheddar has the ambition to be the most flavoursome cheddar on the market, with its core product award-winning Seriously Extra Mature Cheddar. Its rich, characterful and tangy flavour is what makes our cheddar unique.

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