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  • Président

    Founded in 1968, Président is the one of French leading dairy brands in the UK and globally and a leading continental dairy brand both in the UK and globally. Président is renowned for providing a range of high-quality authentic French dairy products.

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  • Cricket St Thomas

    Cricket St Thomas is a soft British cheese brand manufactured at the Lubborn Creamery, in Somerset. We have been making soft cheeses for over 30 years and were the first British creamery to master the art of making soft mould ripening cheeses. With milk collected from dedicated farms in the UK, we guarantee the highest quality and freshness to chefs and catering operators. Our range includes Brie, Camembert and Goat cheese, ideal for restaurateurs looking for local solutions.

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  • Galloway

    Launched in 1959 by the McLelland family, Galloway Cheddar is produced in Scotland with 100% Scottish milk. Galloway was voted Scotland’s favourite cheese by Scottish families. Traditionally available in block format, Galloway also comes in sliced and grated formats, making it ideal for professional usage.

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  • Société Logo
  • Société

    Since 1863, Société has been the leading producer of Roquefort, the king of blue-veined cheeses that ripens in natural caves. Across the years Société has preserved its unique taste, quality and “savoir-faire”.

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