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  • Galbani Professional, dedicated to catering operators, passionate about Italian food.

  • Galbani Professional supports chefs and restaurateurs in their daily work. With high quality targeted solutions, Galbani professional helps you simplify and speed up preparations in the kitchen. Discover our Galbani Professional range inspired by chefs, created for chefs, and unlock any cheese-based dish featured on Italian menus.

  • Mozzarella: available in ball, log and pearls format, our Mozzarella range offers multiple culinary uses and make it the go-to partner for Italian starters and mains!

    Mascarpone: Mascarpone has an irresistible creaminess and soft, velvety texture. Loved by chefs for its delicate flavour and creamy consistency, it will transform every recipe into a delicious delicacy.

    Ricotta: Ricotta is a fresh taste and soft and creamy cheese, a staple product to complement your Italian dishes. Its fresh, delicate taste, and finely grainy texture are appreciated in desserts where Ricotta brings unparalleled sweetness.

    Dolcelatte: our delicious Dolcelatte is renowned for its unique sweet and delicate flavour. Made in Italy with pasteurised cow’s milk and cream.

    Meat: discover our range of popular Italian cured meats, ideal to create delicious starters or antipasti.

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