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  • From One Chef to Another

    As Lactalis Professional, we pride ourselves on being The Smarter Dairy Solution and provide recipe inspiration, as well as culinary support, in order to help foodservice operators maximise the use of cheese on their menus and fundamentally, grow margins on dishes containing cheese.

    Our Brand ambassador Elly Wentworth showcases her expertise to demonstrate the versatility of our cheeses as well as suggesting meat-free menu inspirations for your menus.

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  • Provenance:

    You can view how our award winning cheeses are proudly produced at our Lubborn Creamery in Cricket St Thomas, Somerset.

    The video will take you through the whole cheese making process from pasture to plate showcasing how our highly skilled team practice a traditional cheese making process within our state of the art factory.


  • Versatility:

    The current climate has demonstrated that chefs need to be more business minded than ever and therefore their ingredients need to work really hard for them.

    Ingredients need to be versatile and the CST range offers you this verstaility as each cheese can be used across lots of different recipes minimising wastage and maximising usage. Our cheeses are ripening cheeses offering flexibility to Foodservice Provider’s menus at different stages of their life.



  • Flexitarian:

    As consumers reduce their meat intake many consumers see dairy as a tasty and convenient source of protein, and an essential component of a healthy, balanced diet.

    Cheese in particular provides a high-protein alternative to meat and with its indulgent characteristics, cheese adds a touch of luxury and comfort to dishes, making your consumers feel like they are spoiling themselves.