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  • Ingredients

    • 80g Galbani Julienne Mozzarella

    • 80g Green Pesto

    • 25g sliced Green Peppers

    • 15g finely sliced Red Onion

  • Method

    • 1 Spread a thin layer of the pesto evenly across the base.

    • 2 Sprinkle the mozzarella on top and add the peppers and red onion.

    • 3 Drizzle the pizza with some olive oil and cook in a pizza oven at 450oF for 60 seconds. Alternatively, place pizza on a pizza stove and insert in an oven at 300oF for 60 seconds.

    • 4 Remove pizza from the oven once the crust turns golden.

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    Pesto base, Julienne Mozzarella, peppers, red onion

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