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  • Serves: 4


    • 100g Cricket St Thomas goat’s cheese

    • 150g Greek yogurt

    • 20g Olive oil

    • 5g Dill

    • 2 Large beetroot

    • 5g lemon thyme

    • 1 Garlic clove

    • 4 Large Carrots

    • 2 Red onions

    • 40g Harissa paste

    • 10g Walnuts (toasted)

    • 10g Red wine vinegar

    • 10g Honey

    • 5g Sorrel

    • 1 Lemon zest

    • 40g Olive oil

    • 5g Dill oil (optional)

    • Seasoning

  • Method

    • 1 Begin by drizzling a little olive oil over the beetroot and placing it on a foil sheet.

    • 2 Add a crushed clove of garlic, thyme, and seasoning and enclose the beetroot in foil like a parcel. Place on a tray and bake for around 90 minutes or until the beetroot is tender.

    • 3 Meanwhile, peel the carrots and cut in diagonal 2 inch slices, drizzle with oil and roast for 10 minutes.

    • 4 After 10 minutes has passed, add thickly sliced red onion and harissa paste to the carrots and roast for another 10-15 minutes.

    • 5 In a bowl, crumble in Capricorn goats’ cheese, followed by Greek yogurt, a splash of olive oil, and chopped dill. Mix well to form a thick dressing.

    • 6 Once the beetroot has cooked through, peel off the outer skin using a tea towel then dice into quarters. Drizzle with olive oil then season with salt, vinegar, and honey before roasting on a high heat until slightly charred.

    • 7 To plate the dish, spoon a generous helping of goat’s cheese dressing in the centre of the plate, followed by harissa roasted carrots, beetroot, and finished with toasted walnuts, lemon zest, sorrel, and dill oil for colour (optional).

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