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  • Serves: 4


    • 500g “00” or Plain Flour

    • 5g Fresh Yeast 

    • 10g x2 Heaped Teaspoons Salt

    • 300-325ml Cold Water

    • 2tbsp Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

    • For the topping:

    • 1 Galbani® log mozzarella

    • 500g Galbani® Dolcelatte®

    • 1 Red Onion, finely sliced

    • 4 High-meat content Italian sausages

    • Few sprigs of fresh thyme

  • Method

    • 1 In a large bowl, mix the dry ingredients together using your hands or a dough scraper. 

    • 2 Pour in the oil followed straight away by 300ml water.

    • 3 Mix the ingredients together using the scraper or the fingertips of one hand until you have a ball of dough. 

    • 4 When you are happy with the consistency knead the dough by stretching, folding and turning it.  You will notice the dough snapping and breaking at the start but after a few minutes it will have developed more elasticity. 

    • 5 Knead the dough until it bounces back to the touch – this should take no more than ten minutes .

    • 6 Shape the dough into a ball and rest for up to fifteen minutes.

    • 7 After this time divide the dough into four evenly sized pieces.

    • 8 Roll each piece into a ball by tucking the corners into the bottom of the ball and therefore smoothing out the top. 

    • 9 Lightly wipe the dough balls with olive oil as before and lay onto a tray.

    • 10 Cover with cling film or a cloth and leave to prove in the fridge for at least three hours or overnight. 

    • 11 Preheat the oven to its hottest temperature; between 250˚C and 300˚C is ideal.

    • 12 Once the dough has proved roll or stretch the dough out into a circle around 25cm in size or until the dough is around one centimetre thick.

    • 13 Scatter small cubes of the mozzarella across the dough, followed by crumbled Dolcelatte® and the remaining toppings.

    • 14 Cook for five to seven minutes, depending on the heat of your oven and serve.