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  • Serves: 4


    • 400g Tin of tomatoes

    • 400g Rigatoni

    • 100g Galbani Mascarpone

    • 1 Onion

    • 2 Garlic cloves

    • 20g Basil

    • 3g Oregano

    • 5g Red wine vinegar

    • Seasoning

    • 20g Olive oil

    • 100g Cherry tomatoes

    • 200g Olive oil (most of this can be reused)

    • 3g Black peppercorns

    • 1 Garlic clove

    • 5g Thyme

    • 1 Bay leaf

    • Seasoning

    • 50g Galbani Parmigiano Reggiano

    • Basil oil (optional)

  • Method

    • 1 To make the tomato sauce, in a pan put 1 sliced onion to olive oil and sweat until tender. Add the garlic, then tinned tomatoes, basil, oregano, seasoning and leave to simmer.

    • 2 To make the confit tomatoes, add cherry tomato to a pan with 200g of olive oil with thyme, garlic, peppercorns, bay leaf and seasoning. Cook on a very low heat for around 10 minutes until the tomatoes are starting to blister.

    • 3 Once the tomato sauce has reduced by 50%, season the stir in the mascarpone and bring to the boil then remove from heat. You may need to balance the sauce with a splash of vinegar.

    • 4 Cook pasta with seasoning until al dente then add to the tomato sauce. Stir until evenly coated, you may need to add some pasta water to loosen the sauce then arrange on a plate with confit tomatoes, fresh basil and finish with Parmigiano Reggiano and basil oil.